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The uplifting and calming qualities of Palmarosa, Rosewood and Rose oils along with potentised Rose Quartz crystal, is said to bring love and compassion, whilst balancing the emotions, relieving stress and promotes youthful skin. Natural aromatherapy oils are blended into a smooth and nourishing base of Sweet Almond, Vitamin E, Grapeseed and Sunflower oil. Loaded with vitamins, linoleic acid and Omega 6, it creates a nurturing and luxurious Body & Massage Oil, that is easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it silky smooth and body beautifully scented.

Zephorium Chakra aura therapies are used as self-empowering tools to transform, protect, restore and heal the mind, body & soul.
For Body: Use as a massage oil or nourishing body moisturiser to help relax the mind and heal the body.
For Bath: Use as healing bath tonic to restore the body’s Life Force energies to keep the spirits alive and healthy whilst moisturising the skin.
For Face: Use to moisturise and cleanse the face for soft glorious looking skin.
For Hair: Use to treat split ends and moisturise the hair.

Gently massage the body oil into your skin or hair, repeating the affirmation at the back of the bottle. “Love flows towards me from every direction. I relax into peace.”

Every bottle has been hand blended with great love and positive intention.

All 100ml Body Oils come in a beautiful glass bottle.

Product Details

Zephorium Chakra aura therapies range combines colour therapy, aromatherapy, homoeopathy, crystals and affirmations.

Property: Love and Surrender

Affirmation: “Love flows towards me from every direction. I relax into peace.”

Chakra: Zephorium has two Heart Chakras; the Pink Heart Chakra “high heart,” or transpersonal Love centre is located just above and to the left of the Heart Chakra. It assists one in practising compassion and respectful understanding of others. The pink aspect of the Heart Chakra is the divine feminine and the ability to heal and balance any past hurts or lost loves.

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Crystal: Rose Quartz is a crystal of love, compassion and self-esteem. It is a stone of regeneration and recovery, bringing in freshness and vitality, love and compassion – for oneself as well as for others.

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Signature Scent: Rose Oil – Has a sweet, floral aroma that is said to heal our emotions, calm the mind and body whilst uplifting the soul.

Rose Oil: Used for its calming and uplifting properties and promotes youthful skin.
Palmarosa Oil: Traditionally used for its calming properties. It is excellent in skin care and has been used for problem skin due to its antiseptic properties.
Rosewood Oil: Used for its uplifting and balancing properties. The oil has been known to help relieve symptoms of stress and headaches. It is also regarded as a general balancer to the emotions.
Sweet Almond Oil: It’s a delightful oil used by massage therapists. Contains vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, E) and suitable for all skin types and helps to maintain a youthful skin.
Grapeseed Oil: Contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory with linoleic acid that promotes skin health and improves the elasticity of the skin.
Sunflower Oil: Sunflower oil helps retain the moisture in the skin whilst natural Vitamin E helps to preserve the skin’s elasticity.
Vitamin E Oil: It is highly concentrated and anti-aging due to its natural ability to be a preservative. Vitamin E oil ultra-nourishes the skin and returns it to its plump youth.

Warning: Please do not use if pregnant, breastfeeding or sensitive to any of the ingredients. Always do a patch test if unsure. N.B Occasionally and rarely it can cause a reaction to people with a nut allergy.

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Directions of Use

Directions of Use

Zephorium Chakra Body Oils are used in Holistic therapies and spas as professional massage oils to heal imbalances and restore the mind, body and spirit.

Many of our therapists use the oils to create a beautiful Zephorium Chakra massage, allowing the client to personalise their massage experience, Or use in the comfort of your own home by pampering yourself with high-quality crystal energy and natural aromatherapy oils as you align to your higher purpose.­

Body & Massage Oil: Gently massage the desired amount of Body Oil into the skin, creating a therapeutic and balancing treatment for the whole body and mind. Repeating the affirmation at the back of the bottle.

Bath Oil: Zephorium Body Oils can be used as part of a crystal-healing regime or as a tonic to preserve vibrant health. Bathing in warm water that contains the focused energy of a crystal can be an excellent method to infuse your body with the Life Force that keeps our bodies & spirits alive and healthy.

We suggest 5mls to 10mls of Zephorium Body Oils to a normal tub of warm water should be sufficient for a 10-20 minute bath. Adjust for longer or shorter times.

Repeat the affirmation on the back of the bottle as you massage the Body Oil droplets into the skin, lay back, relax and enjoy the sensations.

Face Oil: Zephorium Body Oils are extremely gentle on the skin. Use as a face cleanser or nourishing face moisturiser. It easily absorbs into the skin leaving the skin soft and looking glorious.

Apply a few drops of the Body Oil to a cotton pad, gently wiping the face as it cleanses or massages the body oils into the skin whilst repeating the affirmation on the back of the bottle.

Hair Oil: Gently massage approx. 5mls of our Body Oil into the hair to nourish and restore moisture while the aromas of the Body Oil creates a calming relaxing state of mind. Repeat the affirmation at the back of the bottle as you massage the oil into your hair.

Who would benefit?

Who would benefit?

– For skin that appears de-hydrated and undernourished.
– Helps to restore, protect and heal imbalances in the body.
– Helps those looking for love and giving them the courage.
– Helps you to acceptance the change or new experiences.
– Gives you the courage to let go of old relationships and divorce.
– Use to heal all issues of the heart, physical and emotional.
– People who have found it hard to move forward from loss of any kind.
– Great for anyone with love addiction or inability to find the ‘right one’.
– Suffering from trauma or crisis especially due to heartache (loss of a friend or family).

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Natural Ingredients: Prunus Dulcis (Sweet Almond Oil). Vitis Vinefera (Grapeseed Oil). Helianthus Annus (Sunflower Oil). Potentised Rose Quartz D1000 in Alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E Oil). Potentised Rose Quartz Crystal D200 in Rosa Centifolia (Rose Absolute Oil). Potentised Rose Quartz D400 in Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Sweet Orange Oil).

Naturally occurring possible allergens: Limonene, Linalool, Citral, Eugenol.

Warning: Please do not use if pregnant, breastfeeding or sensitive to any of the ingredients. Always do a patch test if unsure. N.B Occasionally and rarely it can cause a reaction to people with a nut allergy.

About the Brand

About the Brand

Empowering, Uplifting, Natural, Crystal, Chakra Aromatherapy Products.

Launched in 2012, by Sarah Cox (Founder and CEO of Zephorium Soul Tonic). Sarah believes that our thoughts create reality! Zephorium uses positive affirmations to help change our focus and take back control of our lives.

Change your thoughts…Change your life.

Zephorium’s unique award-winning aromatherapy skincare and home fragrance collections, based upon energy attraction and positive thinking, contain only the finest natural and organic ingredients that are sourced from ethical companies around the world and donates 10% of their profits to grass root good causes.

There are 6 tonic collections for you to choose from; uplifting Aura Sprays, nurturing Massage and Body Oils, luxurious Body Lotions, nourishing organic Face Serums, natural Perfume Rollerballs and organic Essential Oil Blends that work perfectly for yoga, meditations, and complimentary therapists and for anyone looking for a simple uplift throughout the day.

Zephorium products are 100% Natural, Vegan-friendly, GM Free and NOT tested on animals.

Hand made with positive intention in the UK

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