Zephorium Soul Tonic Guide

Allow us to guide you...

There are several ways to choose which Zephorium product is right for you, each bottle has a powerful affirmation, aromatherapy blend, potentised crystal and specific colours to complement the chakras. If you are most drawn to a specific colour you may wish to shop by colour or you can decide by which aspects of your life you would like to change through our affirmations and creating your own positive thoughts.

To give you the greatest choice and flexibility, all our products are sold both individually, so that you can mix and match them as you wish, and in sets if you love them all!

However you choose to shop each product has been made with great love and positive intention and we wish you great joy and peace as you allow them to guide you.

Zephorium Soul Tonic Product Guide


If you are suffering of ill health or have experienced some emotional or physical trauma then it is said certain chakras in your body may be blocked and are in need of rebalancing. Each Zephorium bottle is a specific colour which represents the 8 different chakras and the frequency of colour in which they spin.


Crystals are widely known for their healing and magical qualities and can resonate with certain parts of our bodies and our chakras. We harness their energy in our homeopathic mixtures, which brings the resonance of the crystal into the oils in a natural and safe way. All of our products are represented by 8 different crystals including, Ruby, Carnelian, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Emerald, Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst. Discover the healing properties that crystals are known for and choose which one speaks to you.


At Zephorium we believe that our thoughts create reality! Positive affirmations help to change our focus and take back control of our lives. Each bottle has a powerful affirmation, so as you rub these fabulous oils into your skin, as you spray the aura sprays around you, repeat the affirmations as often as possible. Then sit back and enjoy the sensations.


Scent can awaken so many senses and connect to so many emotions, which is why we feel it’s an important factor when choosing which Zephorium product is right for you. We use 100% natural oils within our products and the evidence is the intense and pure smell that you get when opening one of our bottles. What a great gift from nature.


Colour is an essential part of our products as it has a profound effect on our minds and psychological well-being and has long been used as a form of energy healing. We have chosen 8 colours that relate to the chakras and the colours of the rainbow. Which colour are you most drawn to?


All of our products come with two properties that relate to the individual chakra, crystal and affirmation. Are your creative juices not flowing? Then try the Orange bottle, as its two properties are Freedom and Creativity, using the Orange products whilst repeating the affirmations will unblock your Sacral chakra and let you return to the creative genius that you are.