Our Products

At Chimoo, we are passionate about supplying only the best products to our wholesale clientele.Our products are a labour of love for us, combining only the most high-quality natural ingredients that have proven to be effective at healing physical and mental ailments while invigorating the senses. From essential oil blends to bath salts, face serums to aura sprays, Chimoo has carefully, with great consideration and love, chosen a varied range of items that are each uniquely suited to realign specific Chakras that are suffering from imbalance, soothe physical or emotional pain and assist the user in getting back to their best possible self. Effectively utilising the powers of aromatherapy, salt and crystal healing and natural beauty solutions, we are certain that our products will bring balance to the soul of the individual using them and equip them with the strength and vision to truly empower themselves.

We firmly believe in the power of our range of products on offer, and we trust that you will too.

BodySalt Australia Bath Salt Guide. Magnesium Chloride Flakes, Pink Himalayan Rock Salt, Pure Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt

Bath Salts

The effectiveness of salt has been sworn by for thousands of years, and our range of bath salt products are a powerful healer of many ailments. Our Bath Salt Guide and BodySalt Soaking Therapy Guide educates our customers on how best to utilise these products.

Zephorium Soul Tonics Chakra Natural Chakra Aura Sprays and Chakra Balancing Mists

Aura Sprays

Fragrance and the power of scent is an undervalued catalyst for change, growth and empowerment. Our range of intoxicating Zephorium Aura Sprays, infused with healing crystals and unique affirmations, are ideal for a much needed, on the go boost.

Zephorium Soul Tonics Natural Chakra Body and Massage Oil

Body and Massage Oils

A stunning combination of invigorating oils, loving affirmations and crystal therapy, our Zephorium range of body and massage oils are an empowering way to soothe cares away, giving the benefit of the healing the power of touch.

Zephorium Soul Tonics Solar Plexus Chakra,Zephorium Citrine Crystal Body Lotion 250ml, Joy and Abundance Grapefruit Oil

Body Lotions

Treat both skin and senses with Zephorium’s award-winning range of luxury body lotions. Each unique aromatherapy product within this range encompasses natural ingredients that are kind to skin, with healing crystals and calming essential oils.

Zephorium Soul Tonics Organic Skin Face Serums

Face Serums

The Zephorium Face Serum range is sure to meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of each and every unique user. A stunning addition to a beauty regime, these crystal-infused serums vary from calming to uplifting, depending on personal needs and desires.

Zephorium Soul Tonics Organic Chakra Essential Oil Blends

Essential Oils

Essential oil use is ever-popular, and the Zephorium range of oils aims to effectively transform a waning mindset, heal the mind and body and restore the soul to a contented state. They are ideal for use in the home or as a massage oil.

Zephorium Soul Tonics Natural Chakra Perfume Rollerballs

Perfume Rollerballs

The compact Zephorium Perfume Rollerball range allow aromatherapy needs to be taken on the go. Each is comprised of its own unique mix of therapeutic oils, precious crystals and Chakra-balancing qualities and are perfect for a dose of pulse point inspiration.