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At Chimoo, we aim to not only provide the best range of products to our valued customers, but to also educate them on how to choose and utilise them. We believe that a deep understanding and knowledge of our range will ensure that our powerful products are able to work to their fullest potential and their user can reap their endless benefits. Our enchanting history of salt use, and the accompanying look into what constitutes this natural, powerful substance leads perfectly into understanding how our bath salt range benefits the mind and body with our BodySalt Soaking Therapy Guide.

Our Zephorium Guide and Zephorium Product Collection Guides are a must-read to understand our extensive range of aromatherapy, crystal healing and Chakra-balancing products. A beginner at the art of understanding the various Chakras and how an imbalanced or blocked Chakra can stifle creativity, joy or overall health? Our Chakra Guide is a concise, easy-to-understand read that is sure to enlighten and inspire.

Still have questions regarding our product range and how they can assist with your own unique needs or requirements? Our Product FAQ’s section is sure to bring you clarity and the answers you seek.

Zephorium Guide

The Zephorium Guide is an easy-to-navigate breakdown of our myriad of products and a simple and seamless way to choose the Zephorium product that is right for you. Let us guide you towards the natural healing product that is perfectly suited to your own unique requirements.

BodySalt Australia Bath Salt Soaking Therapy Guide

BodySalt Soaking Therapy Guide

From uplifting mood to boosting a lagging immune system, our effective BodySalt range is as varied as it is an effective natural healer. Having trouble deciding which product will assist with your own ailments? The BodySalt Soaking Therapy Guide makes finding your ideal blend oh-so-simple.

BodySalt Australia Bath Salt Guide. Magnesium Chloride Flakes, Pink Himalayan Rock Salt, Pure Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt

Bath Salt Guide

In our BodySalt Bath Salt Guide, we’ll guide you through our range of bath salts and explain the many healing benefits, origin and differences between the selection of bath salts available.

Chakra Guide

Imbalanced Chakras or energy points throughout the body can be detrimental our quality of life. Our Chakra Guide aims to pinpoint where you yourself as being affected adversely, in order to find the correct healing products for you.

BodySalt information what is salt?

About Salts

Salt, although seemingly a simple resource, is a powerful, complex and truly fascinating natural healer. Our ‘What is Salt’ guide aims to educate and inspire our customers on the endless benefits of this essential substance.

Zephorium Soul Tonics Crown Chakra Collection, Amethyst Crystal Calm and Wisdom, Lavender Oil, Natural Chakra Perfume Rollerballs, Organic Chakra Body Lotions, Organic Chakra Face Serums and Natural Chakra Aura Sprays and Chakra Balancing Mist

Zephorium Product Collection

The Zephorium Collections are a brilliant way to incorporate your own instinctively-chosen products into every facet of your day. An ideal gift idea, our Zephorium Product Collection Guide makes choosing a Chakra-boosting range enjoyable and rewarding.

BodySalt History of Salt

History of Salt

The history of salt and its importance is actually a fascinating tale, and our detailed guide is a first step to understanding how salt has played an important role in the formation of who we are today.

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Product FAQ's

If you have questions regarding our beautiful, varied range of products and if they are suited to your own needs, our FAQ section is sure to give you the answers you need for your own personal natural healing journey.