Brow Chakra Logo for Clarity and Vision promotes Self-Awareness, helps to Relieve us from Stress and anxiety, offers Protection while encourages Peace & Serenity. Our Brow Chakra product collection includes is Body and Massage Oil. Skincare, Bath Oil, Face Oil, Hair Oil, Perfume Rollerball, Essential Oils, Face Serums, Body Lotions, Aura Sprays. Natural, Holistic & Well-being Products.,
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Brow Chakra Collection

"I see the truth. My future is calm. My past is healed and released."

For centuries Frankincense has been used as an aid to achieving deep spiritual connection through meditation and prayer. It helps relieve anxiety, stress and breaks negative past associations. Lapiz Lazuli is a protective stone, said to help encourage the third eye to open. Together they help bring clarity of thought and dissolve conflict. The Brow Chakra also called the third eye is the centre of perception and command, located in the centre of the forehead. It directs our sight and everyday awareness of the world. Our consciousness is located here. “We” are here. We relate to ourselves through this chakra. When the brow chakra is in balance we see clearly and understand what we see. We are able to interpret visual cues and our perception is high. Our thoughts and internal communications with ourselves are healthy and vibrant.


Clarity and Vision with Lapis Lazuli Crystal & Frankincense Oil


Lapis Lazuli – Promotes self-awareness, releases stress, protection, peace and serenity.


The Brow Chakra is located in the centre of the forehead, the Brow Chakra is also called the third eye and is the centre of perception. It directs our sight and everyday awareness of the world.


Frankincense and Patchouli oils.
For our Face Serum, we use Evening Primrose. Evening Primrose Oil is a rich source of gamma linoleic and Omega 6 fatty acid. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects on the skin.

Signature Scent:

Powerfully and spiritually uplifting frankincense’s is known for its heady aroma that stimulates the senses while helping to relieve chronic stress and anxiety.

Who would benefit: 

For people suffering from depression and unexplained mental fatigue.
For people suffering from chronic stress and anxiety.
Used as a space clearer for homes and offices.
Calms your mind and protects your soul when experiencing distressing dreams.

Brow Chakra Collection


Each of our Brow Chakra Aromatherapy tonics is packed with a powerful combination of natural ingredients, aromatherapy, colour energy, homoeopathic crystals and affirmations which are on the back of each bottle and are related to the Brow Chakra. Zephorium Chakra aura therapies product range are used as self-empowering tools to transform, protect, restore and heal the mind, body & soul. Our Brow Chakra Collections includes; Aura Spray, Body and Massage Oil, Luxury Body Lotion, Face Serum, Aromatherapy Rollerball and Essential Oil.