About Us

Chimoo, are stockists of natural, ethical, vegan and GM free products that empower the body, mind, spirit and soul. We are delighted to have been given the opportunity to sell Zephorium Soul Tonics here in Australia and BodySalt range of luxury bath salts products that help to relieve stress, promote relaxation and boost immune systems.

We aim to develop lasting business relationships with our customers. Our products are suited to a wide wholesale client base, including massage therapists, yoga teachers, beauty salons, fitness, quality health and wellbeing stores, aromatherapy stores, spas, hotels, reflexologists, chiropractors, employees or end users.

Our aim is to empower and improve the health and wellbeing of all those whose lives we touch. All of our products are ethical, natural and gentle, providing self-empowering tools to protect, transform, restore and heal the body, mind and soul.

Our range of unique body and skincare products and tonic collections are designed to restore health and wellbeing whist helping to assist your customers or clients achieve their dreams of leading a happier healthier lifestyle. Our product range includes; Australian-made Bath Salts, Aura Sprays, Chakra Oils, natural Perfume Rollerballs and organic Essential Oil blends are just some of the alternative and holistic therapies available. Natural skincare, Face Serums, Body and Massage Oils and Body Lotions are also featured in the Zephorium range. The BodySalt bath salt blends are made with high-quality minerals, Magnesium Chloride Flakes, Dead Sea Salt, natural Epsom Salts and Himalayan Rock Salt. For enhanced choice and flexibility, all of the products on Chimoo can be sold individually, allowing you to mix and match items. Sets and packages are also available.

Both Zephorium and BodySalt match the ethics, aims and values of Chimoo, and their dedication to providing holistic, natural and alternative therapies are admirable.

BodySalt – Salt for the soul

Chimoo seeks to help restore you through quality natural products from local businesses, and BodySalt are the epitome of assisting you on the journey back to true rebalance. Centred on organic, handmade processes and ingredients, BodySalt’s Specialist Salt range is the ultimate therapeutic treatment for your mind, body and soul, with expert spiritual blends including magnesium, himalayan salt and dead sea salt used to bring your aura to utter peace. The raw therapy will leave you feeling calmer yet reenergised, your body the embodiment of health from head to toe. You are destined to fall in love with the way BodySalt rejuvenates your being.

Zephorium – Soul tonics to give real healing

Zephorium is the jewel in Chimoo’s crown, giving you no better way to discover the route to inner peace. Let happiness soak your skin and self within through their essential wellbeing collection of home fragrance and skincare products, which have been based around positive thinking and energy attraction. Use their range to guide yourself back to a perfect, peaceful mindset with products such as nourishing organic face serums, luxury body lotions, uplifting aura sprays, and massage and body oils to restore a balanced state of mind and positive, restful outlook.

Each bottle gives the purchaser a powerful affirmation, so you can repeat the phrase to help transform your being into a better self through positive energy and a sense of spiritual uplift. Love the earth, too, in the knowledge that Zephorium products are also vegan and GM free, allowing you to give back to your world even before you reconnect with yourself. With Zephorium, changing your thoughts means changing your life. Be enchanted by where Zephorium can take you, and drift away towards a happier lifestyle.

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