Zephorium Soul Tonic

Aura Sprays

A beautiful collection of natural, empowering, uplifting, aromatherapy products for the mind, body & soul.

These uplifting Aura Sprays are designed to cleanse and rebalance the chakras through the powerful combination of high-quality natural aromatherapy oils, crystal energy, positive affirmations and colour therapy to help align you with your higher purpose. They work perfectly for yoga, meditation and complementary therapists, Or use in the comfort of your own home or office for a simple uplift throughout the day.

Every bottle has been hand blended with great love and positive intention.

Each Aura Spray comes in a 50ml glass bottle.

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How to use:

They are used as self-empowering tools to transform, protect, restore and heal the mind, body & soul.
For Aura Cleansing & Chakra Balancing: Shake well. Spray around your aura or environment and deeply inhale the aroma and vibrational energy for an instant crystal uplift and a reminder to keep those thoughts upbeat and positive! Whilst repeating the affirmation on the back of the bottle.

How to choose:

Choosing an Aura Spray is very simple, they’ve been created so that you can choose by;
– Colour
– Affirmation
– Crystal
– Scent
– Properties
– Instinct

We always ask you to trust your instincts and never override the first feeling you got about picking one out. You will find that you are simply drawn for some unknown reason to pick one bottle out over another! Always go with your first instinct, trust that it is always right. Happy choosing!

Where to find:

Massage therapists
Talking Therapists/Counsellors/Advisors
Corporate/Customer Service Centres


There are 8 delicious signature fragrances to choose from:

Starting with the deep red Base Chakra we use intense Ylang Ylang for grounding and strength. We move up the body into the citrus of the orange Sacral Chakra and then onto the yellow Solar Plexus Chakra with a refreshing grapefruit and lime scent, helping the body expand into joy. As we move our way up to the pink and green Heart Chakras, the scents become stronger with a deep rose and intense jasmine fragrance. The neroli oil in the blue Throat Chakra helps us to speak our truth. As we move into the higher chakras we use the spiritual scent of frankincense for the indigo Brow Chakra and finally calming lavender for the purple Crown Chakra.

To give you the greatest choice and flexibility, all our products are sold both individually, so that you can mix and match them as you wish, and in sets.