What is Salt?

Salt is a powerful substance that is such a common element of our daily lives that it is often vastly undervalued and taken for granted. For thousands of years, salt has played a role in shaping history – in its own way – and understanding just what constitutes this incredible commodity is the first step towards integrating its endless benefits into your own life. Common salt, otherwise known as sodium chloride, constitutes the chemical compound NaCI. It is naturally derived from the earth, commonly within salt lakes, sea water and the mineral halite.

As anyone who has benefited from the invigoration of a dip in the ocean knows, sea water is jam-packed with salt. In fact, it is comprised of an astounding 26 million metric tons of salt per cubic kilometer. That is an endless supply of the most physically, emotionally and spiritually healing substance out there!

Salt is also commonly found in underground deposits and within sedimentary layers of earth. These underground finds often contain ancient micro-organisms, making salt a solid preserver of the history of the world around us. Salt can also be sourced from the surface of the earth, such as within the residue of ancient seas like the famous Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, North America. But that’s not all! You may not be aware that salt isn’t just an earthly delight. It has been found to be present on the planet Mars, which has contributed to scientists’ belief that life may exist there too.

The oh-so-simple word ‘salt’ surely has a fascinating story behind it, and our stunning salt products pay homage to this powerful mineral.

BodySalt What do salt crystals look like?

What do salt crystals look like?

Now that you have read through our breakdown of ‘What is Salt?’, we bet our bottom dollar that you are intrigued to delve deeper into the subject, and to educate yourself further on this mineral all-rounder.

As our range of healing salt products are comprised of salt crystals, we thought we would take you through what these little beauties look like from the outset – and what they are made up of within!

Sodium chloride (salt) crystals come in cubic forms and are an example of crystalline structures, firmly harnessed together. Discrete crystals can also be seen in rock salt that is used for deicing slippery roads. The shape, size and overall form of salt crystals can be changed by altering their temperature, and sodium chloride can be sourced in several different particle sizes. It all depends on how you intend to use them – and there are lots of ways!

It may look simple, but there is lots going on behind the scenes of this potent substance!

As with anything, different types of salt crystals are suited to different uses – from culinary, cosmetic, physical and emotional healing or simply a calming presence in your life.

Table salt that is such an essential addition to your kitchen endeavours are salt crystals in one of their finest forms – and are ideal as a zesty finishing touch on mouth-watering popcorn. Smaller, well-packed salt crystal pellets can be used in the softening of hard water sources, and farm workers use large, firm salt formations as a tasty treat for their livestock – otherwise known as salt licks. The big boys of salt crystals – very large salt crystals – can be viewed within salt mines. When hit, these transparent formations cut perfectly into cubes.

At the end of the day however, every form has one thing in common – they are merely crystalline structures bonded together in different ways.

What colour can you expect to find salt crystal variations in? Salt can come in a plethora of hues, from transparent when in their purest form, white, shades of grey or even brown. The darkest variations are generally in rock salt form, which is also referred to in scientific circles as halite.

Salt has always been, and will always be, in demand due to its range of uses and limitless benefits. Here in Australia we are actually one of the world leaders in salt production, but it can be found in every corner of the globe.

Salt is fascinating, vital, widespread and historically-praised, and we firmly believe that introducing more of the substance into your life brings you peace, healing and calm.

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